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Combination Eyewash and Service Sink Faucet

Unique combination eyewash and service sink faucets provide convenience for your facility. Combination eyewash units deliver a concentrated, yet gentle, stream to the affected area and require only one plumbing connection so hot water never reaches the eyes. Combination eyewash and service sink faucets include an eyewash, drench hose and service sink that can be easily installed to provide emergency relief when needed.

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    For convenient emergency eye care and more, Emedco's Combination Emergency Eyewash Units are what you need.
    Combination Emergency Eyewash Units are emergency eyewash stations that double as something else, such as a shower or a faucet attachment._
    These combination eyewash stations are best for companies who want to save money, since they will only need to buy one piece of safety equipment to serve two functions. These units also help save space, since you won't need to set aside two different areas for two different pieces of emergency care equipment.
    This emergency eyewash unit is just one of the many different multi-function first aid products you can get from Emedco!_