D.O.T. Placards and Placard Holders

D.O.T. placards identify dangerous materials on trucks and trailers. Our placards comply with D.O.T. guidelines concerning proper size and wording. Numbering in the lower corner of placards specifies the hazard class. Placard holders allow you to prominently display chemical information wherever necessary. D.O.T. placards are available in four different materials depending on your needs.

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    We have D.O.T. placards in all of the legends you need, including: flammable, corrosive, explosives, fuel oil and more. You can also create custom D.O.T. placards to mark hazardous materials according to your needs.

    Emedco carries Hazard Class 2 - Hazard Class 9. Each class stands for a different type of hazardous material.

    Hazard Class 2 - Gases
    Hazard Class 3 - Flammable Liquids
    Hazard Class 4 - Flammable Solids
    Hazard Class 5 - Oxidizer & Organic Peroxide
    Hazard Class 6 - Poision or Toxic
    Hazard Class 7 - Radioactive
    Hazard Class 8 - Corrosive
    Hazard Class 9 - Miscellaneous Goods & Mixed Loads