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4"-Plastic Stencils

4"-Plastic Stencils

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Jumbo plastic stencils add impact to your information.
  • Jumbo plastic stencils are 1/16"-thick and flexible for repeated use.
  • Designed in accordance with DOT specifications.
  • Choose from individual characters A - Z and 0 - 9.
  • Individual stencils are 4"h.
  • In Stock
Jumbo plastic stencils add impact to your information. Best quality and selection. Fast shipping. 60 years of satisfied customers.
$11.89 InStock NewCondition
Buying Options
Product Text Legend Price Quantity
SKU: JS4-5 5 $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-L L $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-2 2 $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-I I $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-Y Y $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-F F $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-V V $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-C C $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-S S $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-9 6/9 $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-P P $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-6 6/9 $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-M M $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-3 3 $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-J J $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-Z Z $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-G G $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-W W $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-D D $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-T T $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-A A $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-Q Q $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-7 7 $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-N N $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-4 4 $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-K K $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-1 1 $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-H H $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-X X $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-E E $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-U U $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-B B $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-R R $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-8 8 $11.89 Each
SKU: JS4-O 0 $11.89 Each


Character Height 4"
Image Height 4"
Material Plastic
Item Type Stencil
Manufacturer Part Number S-9040 D

Product Features - 4"-Plastic Stencils

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