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Steel and Aluminum Sign Stanchions

Keep your parking grounds safe and organized with steel and aluminum parking sign stanchions! Steel/aluminum parking sign stanchions are ideal when you need to move signs frequently.

Emedco offers a wide variety of steel/aluminum parking sign stanchions for your parking lot or roadway use. Our selection includes parking sign stanchions with base only and stanchions with base and sign. Choose post and base stanchions that are easy to move around but strong enough to resist winds. Or how about our parking sign stanchion system that comes with everything you need to have a portable sign on your property?

All of our steel/aluminum parking sign stanchions come in yellow or black, and you can choose between metal or steel u-channel posts. Be sure to select the right stanchion base to fit your needs!

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  1. Steel(22)
  2. Polyester(12)
  3. Aluminum(5)
  4. Rubber(3)
  5. Iron(2)
  6. Cast Iron(1)
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  1. 4-1/2' H(2)
  2. 4-1/2 Ft." H(5)
  3. 15" D(1)
  4. 15" W(1)
  5. 15" Dia(1)
  6. 24 W X 24" H(5)
  7. 40" H X 2" W X 14" Dia X 10' L(12)
  8. 40" H(2)
  9. 41/2' H(1)
  10. 48" H X 17" Dia(1)
  11. 48" H X 14" Dia(1)
  12. 50" H X 15" W(1)
  13. 50" H X 15" Dia(1)
  14. 54" H X 15" Dia(1)
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  1. Black(19)
  2. Yellow(15)
  3. Chrome(13)
  4. Red(13)
  5. Satin Chrome(12)
  6. White(12)
  7. Black On Yellow(6)
  8. White On Red(6)
  9. Black / Red / White(4)
  10. Red / White / Yellow(4)
  11. Black / Yellow(3)
  12. Silver(2)
  13. White On Black(2)
  14. Black On White(2)
  15. Black / Red(2)
  16. Black / Blue(2)
  17. Orange(1)
  18. Purple(1)
  19. Reflective(1)
  20. Natural(1)
  21. Fluorescent Yellow(1)
  22. Dark Blue(1)
  23. Dark Gray(1)
  24. Brown(1)
  25. Blue(1)
  26. Black / White (stripe Belt)(1)
  27. Dark Green(1)
  28. Fluorescent Orange(1)
  29. Light Blue(1)
  30. Green(1)
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  33. Maroon(1)
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    Adjusting and transporting sign posts around your facility need not be a very tiring and frustrating activity. If you constantly move your signs and sign posts around your lot, why not choose aluminum or steel parking sign stanchions? These parking lot sign stands are portable and lightweight yet durable and stable.

    Emedco carries a wide variety of long-lasting steel/aluminum parking sign stanchions that can be used anywhere in your parking facility. Our steel or aluminum sign stanchions feature easily adjustable sign posts that will never rust, even if left outside in very wet conditions. These steel/aluminum parking sign stanchions, such as the Stop Pedestrian Crosswalk Stanchion System, are designed to resist strong winds or even moving vehicles. They are also lightweight despite their stability, making them easy to transfer to different locations when necessary.

    To complete your parking lot sign needs, check out the rest of our Sign Posts, Stanchions and Accessories products including sign posts, guide posts, and post mounting accessories. We guarantee you will find what you are looking for and more!

    Don't let managing sign posts stress you out! Choose reliable steel/aluminum parking sign posts made by Emedco for your parking lot needs!