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1. Create Awareness

Make sure your workforce understands federal requirements under lock-out regulation 29 CFR 1910.147


2. Inventory Machinery & Equipment

List all machinery and equipment that requires lock-out for maintenance and repair. Keep accurate records to ensure all repairs are up-to-date.

3. Identify Energy Sources & Lock-Out Points

Know all points of energy to avoid isolating the wrong sources. Document all energies such as mechanical, hydraulic, pressure, electrical and thermal to communicate to affected workers.

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4. Determine Required Lock-Outs

Document hardware required to isolate and lock out each energy source.


5. Establish Locations for Supplies

Make all lock-out equipment organized and accessible.



6. Develop Lock-Out Procedures

Identify the level of worker involvement for those who must perform or are affected by lock-out activities.

7. Implement a Program

instruct, coach and execute proper lock-out products.


8. Train Employees

OSHA requires employees to be trained in accordance with their roles in lock-out.

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9. Maintain Your Program

Update equipment and energy source listings so your lock-out procedures are always current.

Check your inventory regularly:


10. Motivate & Remind Employees

Train new employees and provide refresher courses for long-term workers.