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Lockout and Electrical Tapes

Lockout and electrical tapes mark areas that could be hazardous or dangerous. Tapes quickly draws attention to any area in your facility. Emedco has a large selection of Self Adhesive Anti-Slip Message Tapes (solid or striped) and there is a continuous safety reminder every 15 inches. Ideal for floors, stairs, around machinery or any clean, dry surface. Electrical and Duct Tape in various colors are also available. Make Emedco your One-Stop Safety Source, Your Way, Today, Guaranteed!

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    Tapes from Emedco are great for various purposes, including barricading restricted areas, designating walkways, creating attention wherever you might need it at your building. Lock out tapes identify dangerous or hazardous areas and are used to prevent accidents.

    If you don't see a tape that works for you - try our custom tapes today!