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ESD Products

Prevent electronic circuit boards and other electronic products from electrostatic charge with ESD products! Electrostatic Discharge products (ESD) keep employees safe from harmful shock.

Emedco offers a great selection of quality ESD control products to help save lives and prevent injuries. Our arc flash protection kit provides the best combination of arc-flash protection in a convenient carrying bag. This ESD product helps protect employees working in flash protection boundaries. For welding, automotive, electric utilities, foundries and other industries, our knit gloves and terry cloth gloves are your best protection against heat and burn risks from arcs, flames and other thermal hazards. These superior-quality gloves feature thermo-radiant technology, which can withstand extremely high heat.

Make your workplace a safer, ESD-free place and stock up on ESD products today!

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    Static electricity is present everywhere, whether at home or in the workplace. Any static discharge through electronic equipment can cause irreversible harm to people and electronic devices. So it's only right that you provide the best ESD supplies in your workplace to prevent static shock.

    Electronic discharge products help keep your employees near electrical lines safe from harm. Besides gloves, sleeves and ESD kits, Emedco also carries a comprehensive line of other lockout devices products to coincide with your ESD products. We carry electrical kits that let you store and organize various types and sizes of breakers, plugs and valves. Store and organize all your lockout equipment in our electrical stations. Make information on electrical safety and standard procedures available in your facility with electrical training materials. Lastly, mark hazardous or dangerous areas with our line of electrical tapes. Eliminate confusion during an emergency by quickly guiding lockout procedures with a custom electrical sign or custom electrical label.

    Aside from ESD products, we also carry Arc Flash Signs and Arc Flash Labels that are compliant with NFPA 70 E.

    So start making your facility a shock- and static-free environment and invest in top quality ESD products. You can find all this and more from Emedco, the industry leader in safety and security products.