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Gate Valve

Gate valves are most commonly used in industrial piping. They work best for turning a flow completely on or off, but are not ideal for regulating or throttling flows. Very little pressure is lost when you use gate valves and, fully closed, gate valves provide a secure seal under pressure.

Gate Valve Lock-Out Device Installation

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    Gate Valve Lock-Outs are ANSI compliant and made of a durable, rust and crack resistant plastic. Master™ Rotating Gate Valve Lock-Outs are ideal in tight spots because they prevent your gate valves from rotating. Adjustable Gate Valve Lock-Outs are versatile as they adjust to and lock out any valve size.

    Don't let hazardous chemicals and energy harm you or your employees. Make sure your gate valves are securely locked and aligned in the correct position with_gate valve lockout devices.