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Pneumatic and Specialty Lockout Devices

Pneumatic and other specialty lockouts add safety to your entire facility. Ensure workers have the proper lockout equipment for certain machines in your facility. Emedco has a large selection to suit your needs.Choose from Electrical/Pneumatic Plug or Quick Disconnect Lock-Outs, Lock-Out, Cylinder Tank, Gas Cylinder, Snap Cap or Standard Gas Cylinder Lock-Out. or SMC Air Line Regulator and five sytles of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI's). Emedco Your Way, Today, Guaranteed!

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    Lockout devices are essential in your lockout/tagout program. The type of lockout device you need varies on your equipment as well as what and who needs to lock out the device.

    The types of lockout devices Emedco carries include:_ Air Line, Speciality and Pneumatic.