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Universal Lockout

Universal lock-outs fit non-standard lock-out points for added safety throughout your facility. Emedco offers universal lock-outs for all of your needs: dual lock-outs, nylon lock-out hasps, aluminum lock-out hasps, steel lock-out hasps, master snap-on hasps, scissor-lock, and more.

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    To implement an effective lockout tagout program in your workplace, the proper safety devices must be utilized. Using the wrong ones can lead to serious injury, or worse, even death.
    Universal Lock-outs are considered to be one of the best safety lockout variants ideal for use in your facility. These versatile safety lockout devices prevent accidental energization of machinery and equipment, minimizing the possibility of electrical accidents. Since these can be used to replace different sizes and types of lockout devices, these are very cost-effective as well.
    You can find these and more quality lockout devices at Emedco, your one-stop safety products shop.