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Hazardous Waste Labels

Hazardous waste labels make it easy to spot and avoid dangerous materials. By combining EPA and DOT requirements in one these hazardous waste labeling ensure your employees know the status of the contents they are working with. Just write the needed toxic information on the labels, stick them on the containers, and you're one step closer to protecting your employees from hazardous wastes.

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    Hazardous wastes can be solid, liquid, or gas, and they can be corrosive, flammable, toxic, or reactive. These can cause illness, injury, and death to people or environmental destruction if not treated properly. This is why hazardous wastes are treated differently and separately from ordinary waste.

    Emedco offers hazardous labels in a variety of wordings to meet your facility's needs. Choose from_UNIVERSAL WASTE labels, INFECTIOUS WASTE labels, NON-HAZARDOUS labels, SPECIAL WASTE labels, and more. Use our worded labels to clearly indicate the contents of drums, barrels, and other containers. If you can't spot the wording you need to keep your vehicles and employees safe on the job, you can create your own_Custom Hazardous Waste Labels_with our easy to use online application! You can also use pens and markers to add hazardous information on your labels.