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Barcode Labels and Plates

Barcode labels and plates are a durable and efficient way to track property and identify assets.

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  4. 6-1/2" H X 2-4/5" W X 2-3/4" D(1)
  5. 7" H X 2-9/10" W X 1-3/5" D(1)
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    Emedco's barcode labels are impact-printed for excellent Code 39 scanning results. They work well in cold warehouses or outside in hot, humid weather (from -40 F to 250 F.) You can get them with or without your company's name, logo, or department.

    Our barcode labels are available in two materials: polyester labels, which are self-adhesive and coated with clear plastic for protection against rough handling, or Void labels - if removed, the word Void appears across the original wording showing that tampering has occurred.

    Don't see what you need? Create your own custom barcode labels._