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Aluminum Asset Labels and Plates

Aluminum asset labels help deter theft, keep track of your company property, and are durable and stand up to harsh conditions. Labels are available in numbered and unnumbered varieties with several options for mounting and sorting.

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    Long-lasting aluminim plates are made from 3-mil aluminum with a clear polyester or acrylic layer on top to protect against abrasion. There are different options available depending on your needs, but most aluminum property labels will work well for indoor / outdoor use and are ideal for office equipment and computers, fire extinguishers, machinery, etc... many labels will also have up to 4 options for adhesive backing.

    Aluminum plates have an average outdoor durability of around 2 years and should be applied to a clean, dry surface.

    Progard asset labels are also resistant to solvents, abrasions, weather, and extreme conditions.

    Still can't find what you need? Check out our custom asset ID options.