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Temperature Indicators

Temperature checks can be quite taxing if it has to be done every day. Luckily, Emedco has an easy way out for you: temperature indicators.

In warehouses and facilities where heavy machinery and hot equipment are daily sights, checking the temperature of each machine every day and making sure it doesn't get too hot is work in itself. This is especially true for those industries dealing with hot work, such as welding and metal fabrication.

Emedco offers an easy and efficient way to do temperature maintenance, and that is by marking your equipment with temperature indicators. If the marking melts, then you would know right away that it is too hot.

Make equipment maintenance a breeze with Emedco's temperature indicating sticks!

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    When you are dealing with equipment and temperature, temperature indicators are a must-have!

    Machine preventive maintenance is a crucial process in industries with heavy machinery and manufacturing equipment. One mechanical breakdown might paralyze the entire production chain, so each machine is checked daily and kept in good shape. Part of this preventive maintenance is temperature checks. Take note that every equipment, particularly anything used for hot work, has its own temperature range - exceed that range and you might be confronted with broken equipment or worse, a blown up area in your warehouse. Also, warehouse managers make sure that all equipment stay within their safe temperature ranges to guarantee that manufactured products meet quality standards and that no accidents happen.

    With Emedco's temperature indicators, you can efficiently go around your facility and see if all equipment are not exceeding the needed temperature range. Temperature indicators accurately calculate surface heat. Just use the pen on the surface you have to test - if it does not melt, it's fine; but if it does, it's running too hot.

    Our temperature indicators come from well-known brands, so you can be sure that they will yield only accurate results. Our Tempilstik® temperature indicators are certified lead- and sulfur-free, while our Markal® Thermomelt Sticks are durable and 33% larger than most heat sticks and come with a stainless steel keeper with a pocket clasp for comfort.

    Choose from Emedco's select marking tools and start doing temperature checks the easy way.