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Coated Abrasives

Splinters and rust do not belong to your furniture and carvings. Revive your fixtures and products with coated abrasives! Coated abrasive products add luster to your old furnishings or amp up the quality of your products. They can get rid of old paint, clear rust, and smoothen uneven surfaces. Emedco offers a wide range of coated abrasives and accessories. Use the 3M Abrasive - Rolocâ„¢ Discs 777F for a secure lock and cooler grinding, or grab the CGW Abrasives - Resin Fibre Discs for their high performance. We also sell coated handy rolls, utility cloth rolls, flap wheels, and more!

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    Stock up on industrial abrasives today, and your production engineers, quality control specialists, woodworkers and craftsmen will thank you._A coated abrasive complements your skilled workers' artistic ability and your manufacturing machine's advanced technological ability in producing high-quality products. Coated abrasives can ensure every nook, surface and cranny of your product -- whether it is a fixture, sculpture, cooking pan, surgical instrument, or automobile -- meets your aesthetic standards._Choose from Emedco's great selection of coated abrasives for your grinding and polishing needs. To achieve that perfect finish, we offer several classifications of coated abrasives tailored to your specific requirements:_* Coated disc abrasives - These are perfect for your grinding, cutting, blending and finishing needs.
    *_Coated roll abrasives - If you need long-lasting abrasives, then these are you bet. Their durability allows coated roll abrasives for repetitive use. You can tear these in strips or roll these without shelling.
    * Coated flap wheel abrasives - Made from alumina and aluminum oxide, coated flap wheel abrasives can be used on non-ferrous metals, woods, plastics, alloy steels, stainless steels, and tempered steels.
    * Coated flap disc abrasives - You can use coated flap disc abrasives on steel, most metals, cast iron, and non-ferrous soft metal materials.
    * Coated disc abrasive parts and accessories - Make sure you have all the must-have parts and accessories to get the job done. You can never go wrong if you have a spare in case you lose or break a part.
    _So don't finish your project just yet unless you have stopped by Emedco.com for your finishing needs! Buy now to avail of our great prices and 24-hour shipping!