Design & Order in 3 Easy Steps

Custom Warning Labels

Design a label that meets your exact specifications!

1. Select your Label Choices
Select the Label Style needed for your application. OSHA LABELS will have the required header and you can choose up to 3 lines of text and optional pictogram, 2 lines if you choose Bi-Lingual. ANSI LABELS will have the required header and you can choose up to 3 lines of text and required pictogram. CUSTOM HAZARD WARNING LABELS are the most versatile. You start with a blank label, choose your wording, text and color choices, optional pictogram and up to 3 lines of text.

Select a Label Header. You can choose from DANGER, CAUTION, NOTICE, WARNING, SAFETY FIRST, CUIDADO, PELIGRO and AVISO. You will notice that if you have chosen a Custom Label, this Header Selection area is grayed out and inoperable because the custom warning labels have no headers.

Select the Size needed for your particular application.

Select Background Color and Text Color. These Color Selection areas will be grayed out if you have selected OSHA or ANSI. If a Safety Style is chosen, the background and text colors will default to the OSHA specified colors. If you are creating a Custom Label without Header, you can choose from various background and text colors. You may notice your text change color when you change your label color. Some color combinations are not available based on readability of the label.

Select Pictogram Category. Pictograms are optional on OSHA and Custom Labels but required for ANSI in order to comply with Federal Regulations. When you select a pictogram category from the drop down menu, you will see the various pictogram selections appear under the category name.

Enter Custom Wording. Choose the number of lines of text that you think you will need - up to 3 lines for OSHA Custom and ANSI, and 2 for Bi-Lingual. Your custom wording will automatically appear on the design as you type it in. Your font size will also automatically adjust based on the number of words and number of lines you select. The text will only be entered in ALL CAPS, which is the standard for OSHA and ANSI will be in upper/lower case per the ANSI standard. The text will be centered on the OSHA and Custom Labels and left justified on the ANSI Labels. (back to top)

2. Select Label Size.
Don't forget to take advantage or our price discounts by ordering higher quantities. Note: Before submitting your order to the shopping cart, please review your design carefully. The design you see now will serve as your proof and will be designed to your specifications. (back to top)

3. Submit Your Order to the Shopping Cart.
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