Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Traffic & Parking Signs


1. What is the difference between a sign with a header versus no header?
We are offering 6 of our most popular sign headers: "No Parking", "Handicap", "Reserved For", "No Parking Symbol", "Reserved Parking" and "Private Property". When you select a sign header your copy will be the standard color shown when your wording is typed in and in some cases resulting in multiple colors.
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2. When I choose a Sign Header, why can't I change the size of my sign?
We are offering the industry standard size, 18" h x 12" w and 24" h, x 18" w for most signs with headers. If you would like a larger or smaller sign, you will need to select "No Header" and create a completely custom sign. (back to top)

3. Why can't I design a Plastic Traffic Sign?
The industry is moving towards aluminum and steel signs, as they have better outdoor durability and rust resistance, and are more economical. If you prefer plastic, you can order via our toll-free customer support line 1-800-442-3633. (back to top)

4. How do I mount my sign?
After you design your Traffic or Parking Sign and add it to your shopping cart, you will be presented with some Sign Posts and Mounting Hardware available for purchase. For more information on sign posts, see Mounting Options. (back to top)

5. Can I order multiple sign designs with the "Customize On Line" tool?
Yes, you can order different sign designs. You will need to add each design to the shopping cart. Create your first sign, select quantity and submit order to shopping cart. Then, return to the "Customize on line Traffic & Parking Sign" page, change the sign design and quantity if necessary and submit to shopping cart again. (back to top)

6. How do I change my design once it has already been submitted to the shopping cart?
If you need to change your design after you've already submitted your design to the shopping cart, you must delete the design in your shopping cart, go back to the design application and redesign your sign and resubmit to the shopping cart. This safety feature we've built into the program to ensure the accuracy of your order. (back to top)

7. Can I see my sign design in actual size?
Because these signs can be up to 24"h and 24"w, it is not possible to show you your sign design in actual size. Even though the sign design you see is smaller, everything will be in proportion. (back to top)

8. How can I see the full height of the design screen?
In Internet Explorer, hit F11 for the full-screen mode. To return to normal mode, hit F11 again. In Netscape, right click in the lower frame of Netscape and select "open target in new window" from the pop-up menu. (back to top)

9. Can I send my design to someone else?
Yes, we've supplied an "e-mail design" icon in the left tan bar. If you click on the icon, it will allow you to enter an e-mail address and message so you can e-mail your sign design to a co-worker, supervisor, purchasing agent, etc. (back to top)

10. When I print the page I get a black box where the sign design is?
To print the background image and colors, in Internet Explorer go to "Internet Options" and check "Print background colors and images". (back to top)

11. Will I receive a proof of my completed design?
No, a proof is not needed. The design you create will be manufactured to your specifications and therefore serves as your proof. Our designers will make minor adjustments for the best appearance if needed to your sign. Before submitting your order to the shopping cart, please review your sign carefully. (back to top)

12. How long will it take to receive my order?
We process all Custom Traffic & Parking Sign orders of less than 25 signs to ship next day. Therefore, depending on your geographic location, you will normally receive your custom sign within 2-3 business days. For orders of 25 signs or more, call 1-800-442-3633 for delivery information. (back to top)

13. Is the color I see on screen the actual color of my sign?
We have tried to represent the colors on screen as closely as possible to the actual sign colors. However, some screen colors vary so there may be a slight variation in the sign versus the color depicted on your screen. (back to top)

14. I can't remember what sign options I selected in my last order. How can I find out?
You can contact one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-442-3633 with questions about previous orders. (back to top)

15. What if I design my sign(s) but cannot order until I get approval?
You will need to finalize your design and submit to your shopping cart. Any orders in your shopping cart can be saved as 'pending'. This gives you the ability to get additional information if needed (i.e. purchase order number), confirm quantity needed or to just save to order at a later date. All prices are good for 30 days and all pending orders will be saved for one year. (back to top)

16. What do I do after I finish designing my Sign?
You should review the Sign carefully (Note: The Sign you see will serve as your proof and will be designed to your specifications). Choose your order quantity and click >add to shopping cart. After you add your design to your shopping cart, you can either return to the Customize on line page to design and order more signs, continue browsing our large selection of product offerings, or proceed to checkout. (back to top)

17. How do I contact your customer service department?
You can access a customer service rep on-line by calling our toll-free line 1-800-442-3633 or email us at Our customer service department is available from 7am to 7pm EST.
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