Custom Property Identification Labels

Installing Property Identification Labels 

How should Asset Identification Labels be applied?

The following easy steps will ensure the best adhesion of
Asset Identification Labels to your property:

Select the best location for the Label - hidden locations are recommended for best results.

Select an area that is flat and smooth.

The surface should be dry and free of contaminates (clean with a cleaning solvent or alcohol if necessary and let dry).

Apply firm pressure to the label to ensure total contact of the adhesive with the asset surface.

Apply labels at +40°F minimum application temperature.

Be sure to not touch the adhesive on the back of the label.

Bond strength will increase with time. As a rule of thumb, the bond strength 48 hours after application is about 2x as strong as it is after one hour. The bond strength will increase up to one year. When properly applied, Property Identification Labels last a lifetime!