Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Property Identification Labels


1. What is an asset?
An asset is any piece of your company's property that is not consumable. Examples include computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, office furniture, cell phones, hand-held electronic organizers, cameras, tools, fire extinguishers, electrical appliances, warehouse and manufacturing equipment and machinery.
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2. Why identify my assets/property?
Identifying your property, from tools and warehouse equipment to office furniture and computers, will help you:
• Control assets
• Deter theft and pilferage
• Maintain a record of information for insurance and police purposes
• Recover lost and stolen items
• Prosecute criminal behavior, which in turn will deter future theft
• Provide visual reminders of service contracts, lease agreements, etc. (back to top)

3. I've never used property identification. What should I do to get started?
Getting started is easy, but a little planning up front goes a long way toward making the project effective.
• Clarify your goals
• Assign responsibility
• List type of assets to be marked
• Consider tracking method. (back to top)

4. What's the difference between an asset identification tag and a property identification tag?
There's no difference. Identification tags (or labels) are asset tags in some companies and called property tags in other companies. Sometimes the distinction is used between profit organizations (asset tags) and nonprofit organizations (property tags). (back to top)

5. How should property identification tags be applied?
The following easy steps will ensure the best adhesion of your property identification tags to your assets:
• Select the best location for the tag - a location that is hidden is best.
• Select an area that is flat and smooth.
• The surface should be dry and free of contaminates (clean with a cleaning solvent or alcohol if necessary and let dry).
• Be sure not to touch the adhesive on the back of the tag.
• Apply firm pressure to the tag to ensure total contact of the adhesive with the asset surface.
• Apply tags at 50°F (recommended minimum application temperature).
• Bond strength will increase with time. As a rule of thumb, the bond strength 48 hours after application, is about twice as strong as it is after one hour. The bond strength will increase up to one year. Properly applied property identification tags will last a lifetime!. (back to top)

6. What is the difference between standard and destructible material?
Our standard material is metalized polyester with permanent adhesive for either indoor or outdoor use. Destructible material chips apart when label is attempted to be removed. This is ideal for situations where security is a concern. (See Features and Specs for more details about these materials). (back to top)

7. Wouldn't someone be able to just scratch off the information printed on the tag?
No. Tags are tamper-resistant. We subsurface print all of your custom information so it cannot be rubbed or scratched off. (back to top)

8. Do I need to specify an adhesive for my tags?
No. These tags have a specially formulated adhesive for sticking to a wide variety of surfaces. (back to top)

9. What is bar code symbology?
Symbology is the term used to describe the series of characters used to form a complete scannable entity. These characters include start/stop characters, quiet zones, data characters, and check characters. Code 39, sometimes referred to as 3 of 9, is the most common symbology used. This encodes 44 different alphabetic, numeric and graphic characters. The next most common symbology is Code 128, which is a high density, alphanumeric barcode symbology commonly used in retail and shipping. (back to top)

10. Should I use a bar code on my tags?
It depends on how your company tracks assets and what you are using the tags for. Barcodes give you error-free, machine-readable, unduplicated identification for your company property. (back to top)

11. Should I use serial numbers on my tag?
Using a numbering sequence is important if you use the asset tags for any tracking or recording purposes. Examples include fixed asset accounting, inventory control, quality, calibration or maintenance control.
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12. What does sequential numbering mean?
Sequential numbering on asset identification tags means that your tags will be arranged in a number sequence starting with the number you provide. For example: 10123, 10124, 10125, etc. (back to top)

13. What if I want non-sequential numbering?
If you need numbering that is not sequential, please call us at 1-800-442-3633. We can manually enter your numbering for a special price. Speak to our Solutions Team and they can give you accurate information and pricing. (back to top)

14. What if I want to order variable names?
If you need variable names, please call us at 1-800-442-3633. We can manually enter your numbering for a special price. Speak to our Solutions Team and they can give you accurate information and pricing.
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15. What if I want different series of numbering?
You will need to enter each series of numbers as a separate order. Create your tag, select your first numbering sequence and quantity and submit order to shopping cart. Then, return to the Customize On Line page, change the numbering and quantity if necessary and submit to shopping cart again. If you prefer, you can also contact our customer service department at 1-800-442-3633 to order different series of numbering all at once. (back to top)

16. Can I order different color tags or do they all have to be one color?
Yes, you can order different color tags. You will need to enter each color as a separate order. Create your tag, select your first color, numbering sequence and quantity and submit order to shopping cart. Then, return to the Design Your Own Property ID Tags page, change the color, numbering and quantity if necessary and submit to shopping cart again. If you prefer, you can also contact our customer service department at 1-800-442-3633 to order different color tags all at once. (back to top)

17. Can the prefix and suffix be alpha characters?
You can access a customer service rep on-line by calling our toll-free line 1-800-442-3633 or email us at Our customer service department is available from 7am to 7pm EST.
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18. How many numbers can I have in the number box?
This varies based on the size tag you have chosen. But, we state the "max. characters" allowed under the starting number entry box and also calculate how many characters you have entered so far for your convenience. (back to top)

19. What is a tag header?
The tag header is the first line of your tag. The most popular header is "PROPERTY OF". We've supplied some common tag header options for you to choose from or you can select None and create your own in the first line of text. There is also a check box to the right of the Tag Header that you can un-check if you prefer the header to display in upper and lower case letters instead of ALL CAPS. (back to top)

20. How many lines of text can I use?
If you choose to have numbering and/or bar codes on your tags, you can have 1-5 printed lines of text above the number box depending on the tag size selected. If you choose no numbering or bar code, you can have up to 5 lines of text. (back to top)

21. What is the maximum number of characters per line?
Maximum characters per line varies based on the tag size chosen. When you have reached the maximum number of characters, you will see a red error message. Note: This includes punctuation and spaces.
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22. How can I see the full height of the design screen?
In Internet Explorer, hit F11 for the full-screen mode. To return to normal mode, hit F11 again. In Netscape, right click in the lower frame of Netscape and select "open target in new window" from the pop-up menu. (back to top)

23. Can I send my design to someone else?
Yes, we've supplied an e-mail Your Design icon in the left tan bar. If you click on the icon, it will allow you to enter an e-mail address and message so you can e-mail your tag design to a co-worker, friend, purchasing agent, etc. (back to top)

24. When I print the page I get a black box where the tag design is?
To print the background image and colors, in Internet Explorer go to "Internet Options" and check "Print background colors and images". (back to top)

25. Will I receive a proof of my completed design?
No. A proof is not needed. The design you create will be manufactured to your specifications and therefore serves as your proof. Before submitting your order to the shopping cart, please review your tag carefully. Make sure words that should be ALL CAPS or Upper/Lower case are represented properly, that punctuation is present where it should be, and that spacing between words is accurate. (back to top)

26. How long will it take to receive my order?
We process all orders in one day so orders of less than 5,000 tags will ship within 48 hours depending on the what time your order is submitted. (back to top)

27. Is the color I see on screen the actual color of my tag?
We have tried to represent the colors on screen as closely as possible to the actual tag colors. But, some screen colors vary so there may be a slight variation in the tag versus the color depicted on your screen. (back to top)

28. How do I know which size tag to choose?
Our most popular size tag is 1-1/2"w x 3/4"h which seems to work for most property identification needs. The area where you will place the label should also be a consideration. The larger the label, the more prominent the label will show. (back to top)

29. Can I have my company logo on my tag?
Not through the "Customize On Line" applications, but you may contact the Customer Service department at 1-800-442-3633 and they will assist you in the correct procedures in selecting a layout for your needs. (back to top)

30. What if I design my tags but cannot order until I get approval?
You will want to finalize your design and submit to your shopping cart. Any orders that are in the shopping cart can be saved as "pending". This gives you the ability to get additional information if needed (i.e. purchase order number), confirm quantity needed or to just save to order at a later date. All prices are good for 30 days and all pending orders will be saved for one year. (back to top)

31. What do I do after I finish designing my tag?
You should review the tag carefully (Note: The tag you see will serve as your proof and will be designed to your specifications). Choose your order quantity and click >add to shopping cart. After you add your design to your shopping cart, you can either return to the "Customize On Line Property ID Tags" page to design and order more tags, continue shopping our large selection of product offerings, or proceed to checkout. (back to top)

32. How do I contact your customer service department?
Our reps are ready to answer your questions and assist you in designing and ordering your property identification tags by calling our toll-free line 1-800-442-3633. Our customer service department is available from 7:30am to 7pm EST. (back to top)