Designing & Ordering

Custom Property Identification Labels

Designing and ordering Custom Property ID Labels is simple! Just follow these steps and you can successfully design and order tags that can ship fast! (for orders less than 5000 tags)

Installing Property Identification Labels


1. Label Style
Available in 3 sizes - Optional header, custom wording, sequential numbering and optional barcode.

2. Select Label Size
Select the size that best fits your needs.

3. Select Label Color
We offer 7 standard colors. Dark Blue is recommended for best long-term outdoor use.

4. Select Label Header
"Property Of" is the most common header.

5. Enter Custom Wording
Select via the radio buttons the number of lines you want to print on your label and enter the copy for each line. If you selected a header, this will automatically be line 1. The number of lines available varies based on label size. (back to top)

6. Numbering and Barcode Options
Determine what you want your starting number to be, if you would like a prefix or suffix on your number, and if you would like a bar code. If no numbering is needed, you can choose a blank number pad or no number pad. Note: If you write your own numbering onto the blank number pad, your writing will not be protected as it is when you get the numbering custom printed. (back to top)

7. Order Information
Select the order quantity and add to shopping cart. Take advantage of our quantity discounts. The more you order, the more you save. Orders less than 5000 will ship within 48 hours. (back to top)