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Leak Detectors and Penetrants

Quickly find and repair potentially deadly gas or fluid leaks in and around your facility with leak detectors.

Leaks are inevitable in any surrounding and, more often than not, are hard to detect. That is why leak detectors should be your first line of action against any possible gas or liquid leaks in your facility.

Emedco offers a great selection of leak detectors and penetrants for your household or facility needs. Choose from leak detectors, leak test solutions, visible dye penetrants and systems, and magentic particle leak detectors from top brands such as Snoop®, Western Enterprises, Magnaflux - Magnaglo®, Anchor and Dynaflux.

So don't let a small leak turn into a costly repair -- protect your property and stock up on high quality leak detectors from Emedco, the industry leader in safety and security.

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    A leak problem can be a pain to deal with, whether it's big or small. To prevent leaks from causing you trouble, use leak detectors to quickly and easily locate them.

    A leak detector can be used to find leaks in plumbing systems, water lines, pipes, gas lines, and many more. This effective tool quickly locates and identifies harmful leaks, helping to prevent your property from being damaged and saving you money in the long run.

    Emedco offers a great variety of chemicals, lubricants and paints for all your specific needs, regardless of the job's demands.

    Aside from leak detectors, we also carry industrial specialty products, lubricants and penetrant, cleaning products, paint and paint supplies, and insect-controlling products,which are must-haves in any industrial application or setting. All of our maintenance and repair products clean, degrease, and work fast -- guaranteed!

    Don't wait until it's too late -- get your own supply of leak detectors and other maintenance and repair products now for your facility.