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Coated Flap Disc Abrasives

Emedco offers a selection of coated flap disc abrasives to help you finish off any project. Made from a variety of materials, including zirconia aluminum, and from some of the top name brands, you're sure to find the perfect coated flap disc abrasive for all your needs. These coated flap disc abrasives can be used with steel, most metals, cast iron and non-ferrous soft metal materials.

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    A coated flap disc abrasive can be use for heavy-duty applications like deburring, rust removal, deflashing and snagging. At Emedco, we offer a selection of coated flap disc abrasives, as well as coated abrasives, to help you get the job done. Many of these abrasives are made of zirconia aluminum, which means they are ideal for aggressive use.