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Accessories and Gear

Work zone accessories and safety gear products ensure that workers directing traffic cannot be missed. Brightly colored flags and flashlight wands catch attention in any condition. Arm bands and hard hats add extra safety to vests and other gear. Work zone accessories and safety gear keep your greatest asset safe - your employees!

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    Managing daily traffic situations in your workplace requires you to have proper traffic management gear. Maintain a regulated flow of employee and vehicle traffic by using appropriate accessories and safety gear for this task.
    Work Zone Accessories and Safety Gear from Emedco are designed to facilitate an efficient method of organizing the traffic flow in your facility. _Products like our Traffic Control Warning Flags, which are made from reinforced vinyl, help you do this. _The fluorescent feature of these products allow you to use them as reliable, visible instruments for directing traffic with._
    These work zone accessories and safety gear are designed to assist you in maintaining order in your facility's crowds and everyday work processes - brought to you by Emedco.