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U-Channel Sign Posts

Our most popular and affordable sign posts, U-channel posts are very easy to install and breakaway options are available for compliance with MUTCD regulations requiring breakaway supports. Rivets allow mounting on the front or back of the post and they're available in both steel or a durable Dry-Coat finish.

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    - U-channel posts have tapered ends that can be driven directly into the ground without digging for easy installation.

    - Posts come in sizes ranging from 4ft to 12ft and they can be accessorized with reflective panels, post covers, and diamond grade post panels.

    - Holes are 3/8 in diameter and are drilled an inch apart for the length of the post allowing you to adjust your sign to any height.

    - Dry-Coat steel posts have a baked powder coat that emits zero volatile organic compounds and is stronger than conventional paint.

    - Galvanized steel posts are dipped in a hot zinc solution and cooled to a permanent silver finish. These provide the strongest protective barrier against chips and abrasions, even in corrosive environments. The galvanized steel U-channel posts are also guaranteed against rust for 15 years.