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Non-Conductive Mats

Non-conductive floor mats protect employees against high-voltage near electronics. Keep employees and inspectors safe by placing non-conductive mats around potential electrical hazards in your building. Most non-conductive mats also double as anti-fatigue mats so your employees are kept safe and healthy while productivity remains high.

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    Electrocution is one of the most common workplace accidents in America. It can cause severe injuries and even deaths, opening your company to possible sanctions based on existing state and federal regulations. Prevent this type of accident by installing Non-Conductive Safety Matting in your facility.
    Emedco offers a great selection of top quality safety floor mats that insulate workers from hazardous electric currents that occur near high-voltage equipment. These mats keep electricity out of areas where people work, making them ideal for use in assembly lines, welding areas, drilling stations and other _similar environments.