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Bumper Guards

Warehouse bumper guards cover protruding corners, edges, and flat surfaces that could be damaged by warehouse vehicles. Protective bumper guards reduce property damage, replacement costs, and personal injury in your warehouse.

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  1. Corner Guard(10)
  2. Surface Guard(9)
  3. Wall Protection Kit(8)
  4. Edge Guard(5)
  5. Piping Guard(3)
  6. Type H 3D(1)
  7. Type H 2D(1)
  8. Type A 3D(1)
  9. Type A 2D(1)
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  1. Black / Yellow(34)
  2. Black(15)
  3. White(12)
  4. Red / White(11)
  5. Black On Fluorescent Yellow(10)
  6. Reflective Red / White(6)
  7. Reflective Yellow / Black(6)
  8. Black On Glow(4)
  9. Red On Fluorescent Yellow(2)
  10. Fluorescent(2)
  11. Yellow(1)
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Mounting Type
  1. Self-Adhesive(26)
  2. Screw-On(8)
  3. Slide On(3)
  4. Magnetic(1)
  5. Adhesive(1)
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    Emedco is your one source for your warehouse and safety needs. Whether you need edge bumper guards, flat surface bumper guards or corner bumper guards — we've got them all! Help keep your employees and equipment safe.

    Be sure to check out our variety of cables and hoses, machine guards, column protectors, corner protectors and rack protectors. ?