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Combination First Aid, Eyewash, PPE Stations

Combination first aid eyewash stations provide all-inclusive first aid in one convenient location. The combination stations help avoid permanent injuries by providing easy access to emergency aid in case of an accident. Emedco's combination first aid eyewash or ppe stations can be easily mounted directly to the wall close to any potential chemical hazard.

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    At Emedco, we believe that eye safety is something that should never be neglected._
    That is why having the best and the most appropriate eyewash products and equipment on hand is important._Emergency eyewash stations provide workers with a complete first-response treatment for corrosive-based eye injuries._
    Emedco carries a comprehensive line of first aid kits and supplies for eye emergencies and other hazardous situations. Our Combination Eyewash and First Aid Station contains all the information you need to quickly respond to an emergency while our First Aid and PPE Station provides you with all the necessary first aid products you need in one easy-to-access location.