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Shipping Tapes

Packaging tape helps ensure your shipments remain tamper-free throughout the transport. These tapes also help you securely prepare, seal, wrap, or enclose your products in boxes, bottles, and other temporary storage units. Tapes are made in a variety of colors, widths, strengths and applications.

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    There are features you need to consider, such as tensile strength, peel strength, temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance. Make sure you get great value for your money with Emedco's top_shipping tapes.

    _Tamper Proof Shipping Tape_- Tamper proof shipping tapes lets you add an extra layer of security to your shipments. The word OPEN appears on both the tape and the box, indicating your package has been opened, thus discouraging tampering. This type of shipping tape comes in rolls of 180 ft. and is made of adhesive-backed PVC.
    _Color-Coded Shipping Tapes_- Use color-coded shipping tapes for sorting your packages. Emedco's polypropylene colored tapes are available in seven colors and come in rolls of 2 x 110 yards.
    _Custom-Worded Shipping Tape_- More than securing transport, custom worded shipping tapes help advertise your company. Emedco's custom made packaging tapes allows you to design your tapes with your own company name, logo, and message.
    _Water Activated Gum Tape_- Form a tight and reliable seal with our water activated gum tapes which aggressively bond to corrugated cartons. Emedco's gum tapes also acts as dust barriers to add protection to your shipping contents.
    _Shipping Tape Dispenser_- When cutting shipping tapes to seal boxes and packages, protect yourself from accidental cuts with shipping tape dispenser. Our hand held dispenser features side loading design and adjustable tension for convenient and efficient tape application.