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Eyewash and Shower Inspection Tags

Eyewash and shower inspection tags indicate when equipment is due for its next inspection and communicate exact inspection requirements to employees. These tags are designed to survive the toughest conditions, resisting wear and tear, dirt and moisture. Choose from our Duro and Tyvek eyewash and shower inspection tags.

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  1. Plastic(6)
  2. Cardstock(2)
  3. Tyvek®(1)
  1. 5-3/4" H X 3-3/8" W(4)
  2. 5-3/4" H X 2-7/8" W(1)
  3. 5-1/4" H X 2-5/8" W(1)
  4. 6" H X 3-1/2" W(1)
  1. Green On White(4)
  2. Green / White(2)
  3. Black / Green On White(1)
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