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Badge Clips

Display IDs and badges prominently but securely with badge clips. Use badge holder clips to easily attach a badge and help eliminate lost ID cards. These aid in enforcing your building security policies by keeping badges visible and attached to authorized personnel. Here at Emedco, we offer a great selection of badge clips for your employee I.D. cards, reception visitor badges, conference delegate, and exhibition badge passes. Badge strap clips conveniently attach to badge backs. We also have plastic badge strap clips that keep ID cards on the person at all times even if the badge accidentally unsnaps! Each of our badge clips hold tightly to any card without damaging it. For your badge clips supply and other identification needs, there is only one place to go - Emedco, your industry leader in sign and safety products!

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    Ensure your IDs and badges are visible but secure at all times._Emedco's wide array of_badge clips_is a great alternative to lanyards when you need to wear your ID inside a facility. These_badge holder clips_can be easily attached to clothing without damaging it. All of our badges come in standard size, which means you can use them with most IDs. Choose from either_plastic badge clips_or one with a nickel-plated steel clip._Aside from badge clips, we also offer other kinds of_ID badge accessories_to cater to all of your security and identification needs. Our selection of top quality_badge attachments_and accessories include:Badge Lanyard_- Easily display your ID badges with lanyards. Emedco offers durable cords and many badge fasteners including bull dog clip, split ring, swivel hook and more!Badge Reels_- These feature a retractable "pull" attached to your ID badges for easy access and storing.Badge Chains_- Beads are the economical way to wear identification, and are available in either steel or plastic.Wristbands_- Elastic wristbands allow ID badges to be worn around your wrists for easy card swiping. Use them for tracking attendance at conferences and events._So if you any_badge clip_and other identification and tracking supply problems, we guarantee you can find all of these and more at Emedco, the industry leader in sign and safety.