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Circuit Testers

Eliminate accidents, injury and fatal electrical shock by testing all energy sources with circuit testers.

Use circuit testers to check energy sources before working on them. Use them on wires, circuit boards, pin and jacks and much more! Circuit testers are the best economical tool when dealing with electrical equipment.

Choose from Emedco's great selection of electrical circuit tester for your jobsite, work area or home use. We carry electrical circuit testers, circuit analyzers, and voltage testers that efficiently check energy sources to eliminate accidents and injuries. Our voltage sensor pen is the only one used by compliance officers of the OSHA Electrical Technical Equipment Committee. We guarantee you will always be getting top-quality products at great prices.

So invest in circuit testers now and never have to worry about getting shocked again!

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    Purchase a circuit tester and keep employees safe with any electrical job. Circuit testers prevent electrical accidents from happening by checking if power is reaching the circuit or not.

    Operating a voltage tester is easy - even a homemaker can do this. You only need basic electrical circuit knowledge, and you are all set. Just place the probe of the circuit tester into the slots of an electrical outlet, and it will show whether the circuit is charged or not.

    Emedco also offers a complete line of electrical lockout equipment for workplace safety. These lockout devices protect you and your workers against accidental starts. Our hasps and universal lockout products are perfect for use on non-standard lock-out points. Our electrical plugs, breakers, and voltage testers allow your workers to safely lockout electrical equipment. To block access to valves or keep them closed or open, choose from our wide selection of valve lockout devices.

    Do you need to provide proper lockout equipment for certain machines in your facility? Then use pneumatic and other specialty lockouts to ensure your workers are safe when near the equipment.

    Facility safety should be the number one priority in any workplace. Start investing in lockout and electrical safety devices such as an electrical tester or a valve to make your workplace safe and accident-free!