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Scribing is an essential tool for use in metalworking and machining. Having good scribers to mark out lines and guides can make the difference between a perfect-fitting, razor-precise cut and an unusable piece of scrap. Make sure you have the right hand tool for the job at hand by taking advantage of Emedco's sizable selection of scribers, including specialized scribers, pocket scribers, and more. Select tools as you need them and work more precisely for less effort.

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    Precise work requires precise tools, and working on metal or machine parts can be one of the most precise jobs of all. To pile on the pressure, not every job can be handled with computer or machine assistance, which keeps scribing - the act of marking out lines and guides into metal, ceramic, wood, or glass - an essential part of the craftsman's trade. Unfortunately, typical tools like pencils, pens and brushes aren't up to the task. A proper scribing job requires a specialized scriber, and Emedco carries a wide selection suited to any need.
    Select from manufacturers like King Tool and General Tools to find the scriber tailored to your grip and material. Each tool is carefully designed and durable, guaranteeing a perfect etching each time. Two-Point Scribers combine two tools into one for maximum versatility, while Tungsten Carbide Magnetic Scribers can etch on practically any metal, automatically clearing away loose filings and shavings as they go. Pocket scribers are designed for the mobile metalworker, held in a pocket for convenient marking jobs or preliminary tooling, and come with knurled grips for maximum traction and no slippage.
    Scribing is a tough, exacting job that requires tough, exacting tools. For maximum satisfaction, choose your specialized scribers from Emedco, the leader in sign and safety products.