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Paint Brushes

Planning to do a major paint job? Do you need to retouch some peeled wall paint? Or maybe you have some decorating to do? Before you start on any of these tasks, you need to choose the right tool for the job starting with the proper paint brush.

Here at Emedco, we carry a great selection of quality industrial paint brushes. Our versatile chip brushes are what you need for general painting needs. For crafts, hobbies and touch-ups, our high-quality foam brushes execute the job best. We also offer stain and varnish brushes for all your woodworking projects.

Go ahead and make your paint job easier and start looking around our site and pick the best paint brush for you!

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    Using the right quality paint brushes for your painting and other home improvement jobs is not only a smart choice – it is the only choice. The right brush ensures your painting projects are done efficiently. Emedco is your one-top shop for top quality paint brushes.

    Our line of versatile paint brushes can be used in many applications such as parts cleaning, general industry cleaning, removing metal chips, commercial paint projects, gluing, general painting, applying resin or other solvents and many more. Professional grade chip brushes and foam brushes will last longer saving you both time and money. Not only that, a good paint brush lets you to apply paint smoothly and accurately, giving you great results.

    If you need other painting equipment other than paint brushes, we carry a large selection of paint and paint supplies including primers, paint rollers, rust treatments, aerosol spray paints and more. To learn more about the best painting and other maintenance tools to use, check out our various Facility and Site Maintenance products on our website. From maintenance and repair products to janitorial and sanitation products, we guarantee that you will find what you are looking for.

    Whatever you choose, you’ll find that all of our paintbrushes and other Facility and Site Maintenance products are made to the highest quality standards in the market today.