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Clearance and Capacity Signs

Clearance and capacity warehouse signs communicate maximum height and weight requirements to employees and machine operators in your warehouse. Choose from a large selection of clearance and capacity signs we have in stock and ready to ship today. Emedco offers a wide variety of other warehouse safety products that will keep you OSHA compliant and protect your employees from dangerous accidents.

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    Indicate clearance heights and load capacities with clearance and capacity warehouse signs.

    If you need a clearance signs, we have signs such as: low overhead clearance signs, watch your head signs, low head room signs, maximum height signs, close clearance signs and more. We also have clearance signs that you can add your own exact clearance measurements to.

    Additionally we have a large selection of capacity signs, including maximum people capacity signs, load capacity signs, ton capacity signs, floor load capacity signs, and more.

    Find the clearance or capacity warehouse sign you need today.