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When you need to cut tough objects, you must use the proper tool for the job. Handsaws are one such proper tool when it comes to tough objects such as metal and wood.

A handsaw is also an essential fixture of any fully equipped tool array. With a well-selected handsaw, you can cut through most of the toughest objects. At Emedco, we carry a diverse selection of the industry's top handsaws, tailored to a variety of jobs and materials.

From handsaws to hacksaws to wallboard saws, Emedco leads the industry in safety and security solutions. Pick us when you need a solution to any cutting problem you might have.

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    When you need to cut to the heart of a hard material, it is best to use handsaws. Modern industry, as well as traditional professions such as carpentry and plumbing, deal almost exclusively with such tough objects, and having the right tools to cut them as needed is the key to keeping your job manageable. A good handsaw or hacksaw is a must-have and doesn't need power or a mounting place to use.

    A standard tool box saw is fine for working with softer materials such as wood beams or planks, but cutting pipes, metal sheets, or fixtures requires a hacksaw. Using a Cooper Hand Tools Nicholson® - Nicholson® High Tension Hacksaw Frame will increase your versatility with its adjustable blade angle and high-tension metal frame.

    Specialty jobs like cutting through soft drywall or plastic pipes may require special handsaws such as a PVC/ABS Plastic Pipe Hand Saw. Specialty saws often have unusual shapes to accommodate work gloves or adjust for work locations.

    No matter what saw you need, Emedco has you covered. With a 24-hour shipping guarantee, we lead the industry in safety and security solutions and offer the right tools for the job. Cut through hard decisions easily with us!