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Banding Tapes

Pipe banding tapes are an inexpensive and convenient way to identify the direction of flow or contents of pipes in your facility. Pipe banding tapes come in a variety of sizes and colors. All you have to do is peel and press them on to your pipes using the ANSI color needed for proper labeling. Our pipe banding tapes also come in reflective vinyl to easily identify pipes in dark or dimly lit areas.

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    Band Pipe Marking Tapes provide 360 degrees of pipe visibility to aid in operation safety when performing maintenance tasks in your facility. These pipe marking solutions help your workers identify the content and flow direction of each pipe even in dark areas to ensure that maximum safety awareness is attained._Economical and easy to use, these pipe marking tapes are self-adhesive for easy application. Order them and more pipe marking products at Emedco, your leading source for facility safety supplies.