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Multi-Purpose Lubricants

Nobody wants an impeded task just because a machine breaks down due to friction. Prevent this and other possible machine mishaps with multi-purpose lubricants. A multi-purpose lubricant keeps the sliding parts moving smoothly, thereby minimizing friction and heat that can lead to seizure, bonding and fire. Choose from Emedco's vast array of high-quality industrial lubricants. We only sell top-of-the-line brands such as Liquid Wrench®, Power Lube®, LPS®, Super Lube®, Sprayon® and a whole lot more! Our multi-purpose lubricants are specially formulated with quick-acting solvents that are ready to loosen up any machine part such as nuts, bolts, hinges, and many more!

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    Frequent direct contact between metals produces friction, which eventually leads to corrosion and rusting. Stop this metal deterioration from the get-go with all-purpose lubricants!_Multi-purpose lubricants prolong the life of your machines by acting as a film that minimizes the contact between the metallic parts of your machine, lessening frictional heat, and preventing foreign materials from entering the bearings and guards._Emedco offers a huge line of multi-purpose lubricants that suit your specific needs. CRC - Power Lube® High-Performance Lubricants With Teflon® give longer-lasting protection and displaces moisture. On the other hand, LPS® - LPS 1® Premium Lubricants give short-term resistant barrier, which is perfect for rubber and plastic._Need something for freezing temperatures? Super Lube® - Super Lube® Aerosols will be your best bet as they do not stain, drip, run or evaporate. Or maybe you want a silicone-free multi-purpose lubricant that does not leave a gummy residue? If that is the case, then Crown - All-4 is perfect for you._Order your multi-purpose lubricant today from Emedco to take advantage of our great prices and 24-hour shipping feature! For your industrial needs, trust only Emedco, the industry leader in safety and security.