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Sprinkler Valve Marking

Fire sprinkler valve markers and tags make it easy to identify sprinkler controls for emergency use or maintenance. Emedco's selection of fire sprinkler valve markers eliminate misuse, accidental operation and confusion. Our fire sprinkler valve markers come in a variety of sizes and formats.

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    Sprinkler marking products from Emedco help prevent confusion especially in an emergency.
    You can use these marking products to mark the right valve to control the flow of water to the sprinklers, or to indicate which valves are already open. These fire sprinkler markers are made of either economical plastic or durable, rust-proof aluminum. Different standard legends in bold, easy-to-read fonts include Shut Off Valve, Sprinkler Control Valve, Alarm Line and many more.
    Custom-engraved sprinkler markers for those who can't find the sprinkler marking product they need are also available at Emedco.